MadCape Racing Teams Official Website

This is the official website for MadCape‘s sim racing division

MadCape Racing Team has grown to become a formidable force within the sim-racing community. You can see us compete in various world championships such as Formula SimRacing, GPVWC, iRacing, and more! We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional image and continuously being one of the most competitive teams on the grid. We have managed to secure various sim racing world championship titles and awards in its existence. Our team also has close ties to various real world racing champions who are also avid sim racers. These real world champions have helped us at MadCape to better understand good racecraft and vehicle setup. It’s an extremely valuable relationship, and a lot of the teams success is owed to its existence. Follow our teams endeavors on our Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages for updates!


Want to know more about sim racing?

Sim Racing is practically a world of its own. It involves racing teams and drivers meeting in a virtual environment to compete for the top spot in various World Championships. Everything works the same as it would in the real world with a few exceptions. The main exception being that there is less physical danger in sim racing. Less danger also means that we can push harder and go faster than our real life counterparts.

Sim racing is an amazing training tool for racing drivers to hone their racecraft skills. This is because it helps racing drivers learn circuits without needing them to travel to and fro all the time. This means that the cost is substantially less for us in comparison to the costs of those who are racing in the real world. Another cost reducing factor compared to the real world is the fact that sim racers do not need to spend millions on their race cars for performance gains. The cars in each series we race in are made to have an equal balance of performance. This allows for cars with no competitive advantage over another in the long run. We are able to compete for a championship title in any car with full confidence that there are no disadvantages.

Extra Bits About Sim Racing

We compete in a number of sim racing championships from across the globe as MadCape. The most notable series take place on the iRacing and rFactor2 platforms. These platforms are considered within the industry to be the most realistic in terms of physics. We feel that they provide us with the best platform for fierce competition. These platforms and communities allow us to sim race against not just the best sim drivers, but also the best drivers in real world racing. We love the fact that we can race against some of our heroes without spending millions.

There are a number of real world drivers who turn to sim racing to hone their craft. All of whom use the above mentioned platforms to sharpen their skills against some of the most talented sim racing drivers on the planet. Not to mention that they also get to practice on some of the fiercest circuits in the world without having to worry about injury or expense. We love that fact that we have the same opportunities. Racing in virtual reality is particularly immersive and really adds to the overall experience. We get to have an experience that is close to the real thing as possible for half the cost.

Some of our favourite series to compete in and to view as spectators are: Formula SimRacing, GPVWC, NEO Endurance Series, 16th Street IndyCar League, and the iRacing NASCAR Series. These series typically provide the most exciting action and showcase some of the best driving talent in the virtual world. You can watch these series live on YouTube or on Facebook every week. There is usually a large live audience, which makes sim racing particularly attractive to sponsors.