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View our sponsors below. Visit their websites and show them some love. Without them, we would not be able to compete at the level we do.

Thrustmaster MadCape Racing Team Sponsors


Our title sponsor Thrustmaster has some great sim racing products on offer through various vendors around the globe. With a unique force feedback system and a series of great add-ons for their ecosystem, Thrustmaster products are absolute must-haves for any sim racing setup. Visit www.thrustmaster.com now to view their ever expanding eco-system and enhance your sim racing experience today!
GameVox MadCape Racing Team Sponsors


Our communications sponsors GameVox have created a brilliant and innovative Voice Over IP client with an unrivaled voice clarity and remarkably low CPU utilization. Their User Interface is highly customizable and comes with a no-nonsense simple administrative interface. These features mean GameVox is a must-have communication tool for any team or community. Try it now for FREE: www.gamevox.com
Rapidswitch MadCape Racing Team Sponsors


RapidSwitch are leading hosting providers in the United kingdom. They have been long time sponsors of MadCape Racing Team. The relationship between MadCape and RapidSwitch began in 2013. With competitive prices and a wide array of products, RapidSwitch is the go-to hosting service provider for MadCape Racing Team.
StormCharge MadCape Racing Team Sponsors


TrakRacer are proud sponsors of MadCape Racing Team in a variety of championships. Including – the Formula SimRacing World Championship, GPVWC SuperLeague, and SimRacing Malta! Learn more about TrakRacer by tapping ‘visit’.

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Are you looking for exposure and results within the E-Racing community? Then view MadCape’s options for brands in e-Racing and e-Sports. We have a flexible offering that is sure to suit your desires. We take pride in representing the people and the entities who support us. Our team understands what it means to give back a Return On Investment (ROI) to those who support us. So you can be sure that we’ll work hard to ensure that you see a favourable return. Our team is one of the most followed Sim Racing teams in the world. We have fans on nearly every continent. As a result, we have one of the widest reaches of all Sim Racing teams. Our reach enables us to have some serious clout across the e-racing and e-sports demographic as well. Which helps us achieve favourable results for the brands we work with. Have a look at our Facebook page to see just how wide our reach is. This is one of our more popular social channels. Do you want to support MadCape? If you do, then visit our sponsorship porftolio to see all available opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.