VBMadCape Teaser2

MadCape and VBM team up!

MadCape Racing Team ushers in a partnership ahead of 2016 season!
The past two years in FSR have not been up to the expected level that we at MadCape have become accustomed to within our sim racing endeavors.
After finishing 10th in the team’s standings last season with only 35 points to our name, the team management felt as though a new direction had to be taken. As a result, a partnership has been set up by bringing in an experienced and successful brand from outside of FSR, namely VBM. VBM have experience of over 10years in simracing and are known for their large roster and ruthless nature to succeed, especially within the GPVWC SuperLeague.
The Team will be rebranded for the Formula SimRacing WC and ACE divisions, as part of the partnership, to VBMadCape.

Mike Pitman, VBM owner:

“We are widely unknown here in FSR but are excited to make the step into FSR. It was a natural step; our lack of presence here has been a thorn in our side for a number of years. Madcape share our ambitions to make this new venture successful. We’re going to be making a massive push for results in the World Championship, and will be developing talent in the ACE series. I know Xavier will agree the team’s previous campaigns here have been unsatisfactory. We are here to help steady the ship and move the team up the team’s standings together.”

Xavier De Carvalho, MadCape Racing Team Owner:

“This partnership ushers in a new era for MadCape at Formula SimRacing. We’ve had 2 seasons of lackluster performance, and we feel as though a change of direction is required in order to put us onto the course towards success. We have high hopes for this season in both the WC and the ACE categories and have drivers with massive potential in both. With the support of Mike and VBM, I feel as though we’re stronger than previous seasons and I feel as though we’re finally going to be able to reach our targets at FSR.”
Drivers and car announcements will follow in due course.