Luke Herring MadCape


Luke Herring

CMS Le Mans Series World Division

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Luke Herring, multiple South African Karting Champion, joined MadCape in 2013. He has been especially impressive in his CMS endeavors, where he’s managed to secure a win and multiple top 5’s in his first ever sim-racing season. Luke has also delved into Touring Car racing and can be seen competing at TouringProSeries or GPVWC as the teams reserve driver.






Scott Webber MadCape

Scott Webber

CMS Le Mans Series World Division

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Scott Webber joined MadCape in 2013 after a short spell as owner of his own sim-racing team, where he enjoyed small successes in endurance racing. Scott is known as MadCape’s media guy, constantly pumping out quality images and videos for the team to use in it’s promotional features. He also does a bit of racing when he’s let out of his dark media room…






Robert Nocon Formula Sim Racing

Robert Nocon

General GT / Sports Cars

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Robert is recognised within the team as a hard-working perfectionist. His tedious setup process has helped the team gain a competitive edge many a time in various races. Robert can be seen racing GT Cars when not helping out with setups in the Formula SimRacing World Championship. If you see Robert around, and you’re a very technical or analytical person, then don’t be shy to start a conversation with him!